Fit Delis

Meat eaters, vegans and vegetarians are all catered for so think Fit Burgers, Fit Veggie Burgers, Fit Pasta Protein boxes, Fit Falafel Wraps all from Fit Delis.

Our mission at Fit Delis is to create exciting food that people love and want to eat but feel pressure not to do so because of those dreaded calories everyone talks about!

Our Co-founders Tom, Sam and Ben (A michelin star trained chef with 46 years of culinary expertise) have revolutionised the way we look at fast food, creating healthy versions of all your ‘junk food’ favourites.

All our dishes use fresh, locally sourced ingredients that are carefully balanced and precisely portioned to bring you low calorie, high protein, guilt free pleasure with every bite!

Ben Tilouche, the Fit Delis executive chef, has been cooking to 3 Michelin star standard for over 46 years. Fast food has never had this level of talent and expertise behind it.