Smoothies with strawberries & greens

Get fuelled for the festival with organic smoothies & soups from Strawberries and Greens. Lovingly homemade, jam packed full of nutrients, without wheat or dairy. 

At Strawberries and Greens we love smoothies! In fact we love breakfast, so much so that we make it practically all day.  We started up after many years of going to festivals ourselves and just not finding anything healthy to eat.  So one day, we decided to change that and we devised a range of delicious smoothies, soups, flapjack and porridge that we make for you, at outdoor events around the country.  Everything we do is organic, plant based,  vegan and above all really delicious, so if you spot our little green and red trailer come over to say “Hi” and try a smoothie, it’ll be just the thing to fuel your workout (or help you recover afterwards!)
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