Ride Studio

We don’t spin. We Ride. Smash your way through a high energy 45 minute Ride session in the forest against a pioneering  set of themed rides. Ride is a full body workout, with every trainer bringing their own individual flair and energy with their carefully created playlists. They promise they will get you to work harder, dig deeper and find the real purpose of your workout by immersing you into the music.

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Meet the trainers

Robyn Marsh

1Rebel Ride Master Trainer Robyn's ethos is to train as hard as you party. a big believer in detoxing to retox, she aims to bring so much energy and northern banter to her sessions that you will leave feeling empowered, sweating more than ever and with a grin on your chops. 

Tiago Silva

Born and Raised in Brazil, Tiago brings his positive energy straight from the beach. Even now living in London he still make sure at lest 50% of the time there is sand between his toes. With his latin american charm, infectious smile, and Brazilian sized heart and SOUL, Tiago will have you working hard, singing, dancing for your life and laughing the whole way through it. You will leave his class feeling powerful, enriched and ready to bring change to your world and the world around you!

Esmee Gummer

Esmée is one of London’s top instructors who comes from a wealth of industrial and personal experience in the fitness industry. Not only having fitness credentials such as 'GQ Star Trainer" she also defied all odds and learned to walk again after becoming paralysed from an operation. Through this personal experience, Esmée learned the power of being head strong and uses this everyday to train, motivate and inspires individuals. This experience also taught her to not take life too seriously which reflects in her sessions. You will leave the class laughing, crying, sweating and even calling yourself a BOSS.. self confidence at its finest! 

Jono Selvadurai

Originally from New Zealand, Jono was a professional contemporary dancer who performed and toured with many of NZ's leading dance companies before venturing abroad starting in NYC. Now residing in London as a qualified PT and fitness instructor, Jono draws from his dance background to build functional dynamic workouts. Teaching in several studios from 1Rebel, Frame and Define, Jono's curiosity to movement, kiwi humour and that Freddie Mercury moustache, leave you sweating hard.