Get ready for LoveFit 2019

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19—21st July 2019




Welcome to LoveFit.

LoveFit aims to mix the elation festivals evoke with the euphoria of a workout. Fitness is often seen as an end goal, but we believe life is about the journey — through finding workouts that are more likened to sports and adventure. 

The people at the forefront of the industry are so creative — performers and athletes — surfers, dancers, free runners, mountain-climbers, all focussed on reframing the way we view fitness & wellbeing. LoveFit is an escape from monotony, a taste of freedom, a place for people to explore new ways of living and moving.


LoveFit isn’t just about living well but living inspired.

- Lauren Bath, LoveFit founder


No more binge/restrict cycles, no more punishing yourself with a tedious workout - find something that ignites passion. Make small lifestyle changes that have long-lasting impacts.

Much love,


Founder of LoveFit