Yoga Overview

Taking the yoga out of the studio. Good Yoga Life will be hosting an array of amazing festival based yoga classes. There’s something for everyone at the Good Yoga Life Studio over the weekend so whether you’re a Hip Hop queen or love to shake your bootie at the disco, we’ve got it covered! 

GYL run weekly classes in Shoreditch, Borough, Walthamstow & Haggerston. With pop up events, yoga socials and yoga brunches plus Ibiza & France yoga retreats and this summer they are heading to the festival to host an amazing array of festival inspired yoga classes!! 🙌🏻 


We’ve teamed up with Skinny Prosecco for Yoga & Bubbles and also the Organic Wine Company for Vino Vinyasa, both classes to get the festival vibes flowing. 

I’m super excited for our Yoga Supper Club where we’ll be eating under the canopy of the forest. Make sure you’re following us on Instagram for a chance to join us!