LoveFit Trainer: Kaysha Thomas

Kaysha Thomas: Pilates instructor, nutritionist and soon to be Barre Fusion instructor. She will be running Pilates classes and nutrition workshops

What first drew you to Pilates?

As a keen mid-distance runner, I was always aware of the importance of core strength. After a half marathon in 2009, I developed a soft tissue injury. My physiotherapist said that my glutes were weak (which was a surprise to me given their size!) and that my pelvis was unstable. The worst part of all I was told I couldn't run until this was sorted. I upped my Pilates practice to 3 times a week. My goal was to get well enough to run but I noticed so many more benefits. The more I read and practiced the more passionate I became about becoming a Pilates Instructor.

Would you tell us a bit about the benefits of Pilates, Why is it important?

Everyone thinks of Pilates as being good for the core. Pilates will build your core strength without a shadow of a doubt. After about a month of doing Pilates roughly 3 times a week, my posture improved to the point where I felt taller.  The benefits of Pilates goes way beyond core strength - With regular practice, you'll notice you walk, run and cycle faster; back pain goes away, aesthetically your muscles look more defined (I didn't have a waist before Pilates) and as your muscles balance out, you'll find that muscle tension eases off and your flexibility increases. As Joeseph Pilates once said, "movement heals". Pilates is a wonderful way to rehabilitate, injury proof and condition your body.It builds body awareness and strength that stays with you long after you leave the mat.

What can a Lovefit attendee expect from your class?

My classes are fun and friendly. I'll motivate you to dig deep and perfect a move so that you reap its benefit in full. All levels are welcome. I provide lots of modifications to suit all energy and fitness levels. I like to keep classes flowing so that we get a nice cardio workout too!

Would you say that Pilates is a total workout? Or would you recommend supplementing it with additional styles of exercise? 

Pilates can be a total workout, when done at a faster pace you can really work up a sweat and get the heart rate up. However, I would encourage people to mix it up and try other things. Pilates works alongside other exercises really well. After all, variety is the soul of pleasure.