Just announced! An interview with Two Toned


Based in London, Two Toned is made up of two fitness master trainers; Kim Hartwell and Tara Margulies. 

Kim is a Model, Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor that loves everything hot and sweaty. Her favourite workouts are boxing, jump rope, rock climbing, yoga and HIIT training. She is also a 200 hour certified yoga teacher. Tara loves bodyweight training and calisthenics. She’s currently really big on gymnastics style skills and pole fitness, as well as mixing vinyl (don’t miss her on the decks as well at the festival).

Using music as inspiration Two toned will be taking to the main stage to carry out two 30 minute HIIT sessions, one with Kim to Hip Hop and Drum n Bass beats and the other with Tara to uplifting trance. Be prepared to get the best instruction and guidance whilst kicking off your Festival experience with great people, and great music.

What’s the ethos behind Two Toned?

Two Toned are two girls that take their training seriously but make sure they have a lot of fun whilst doing it. We’re all about finding training modes that you love to do and  working as a team to meet your fitness goals (which Tara has written some more about). What’s the point of the destination if you can’t enjoy the ride with all your favourite fitfam?

What can everyone expect from a Two Toned workout?  

Hot and sweaty in your face training and tunes. We love to get our class as fired up as we are about getting a good old fashioned sweat on. We work as team to have fun and get the job done! High intensity. High energy. Tonnes of fun!

What’s your favourite workout?

Our training is pretty varied between the two of us. Tara’s more your go to calisthenics, pole dancing and spin girl. Kim’s your more HIIT and yoga style type of girl (read all about her recent yoga teacher training on her blog!). When we train together we love play around with calisthenics and strength training.

Describe your LoveFit gym style?

We’re thinking bright, colourful kit! There’s so much crossover between what we’d wear at the gym and at a music festival now, I don’t think this will be too difficult.

How important is music to your training?

We feel that music can make or break a workout. Sometimes you can be having the worst day and be so low on energy that you don’t feel like training, but a good track can pick you straight back up again and push you to get through that workout. We both put a lot of effort into choosing the perfect tracks for our classes, and we can’t wait to share them with you. Tara even had one of her playlists published to the Spotify channel of her favourite record label, Anjunabeats!

What are your top tips for anyone attending the festival?

Just immerse yourself in it! Try new things, dance your butt off and try not to look at drinking alcohol as something ‘naughty’, it’s all about balance. Also, be sure to talk to people around you, odds are you’ll get on like a house on fire because you’ll have some of the same interests. It’s all about bringing people together and making new friends.


Two Toned believe that once you find a form of exercise that you love, and discover delicious healthy food that's easy to make, switching to a healthier lifestyle isn't just easy, it's fun!