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#TeamON are heading down to #LOVEFIT17, with some of their top athletes Shaun Stafford, Lilly Sabri, Richard Tidmarsh and Dom Heap

Saturday with Lilly Sabri & Shaun Stafford Sunday with Dom Heap & Rich Tidmarsh
15.00-15.15 11.30-11.45
15.15-15.30 11.45-12.00
15.30-15.45 12.30-12.45
15.45-16.00 12.45-13.00

Optimum nutrition athletes Shaun Stafford & Lily Sabri will be a hosting an unmissable workout on the main stage.  

Catch up with #TeamON athletes Shaun Stafford, Lilly Sabri, Richard Tidmarsh and Dom Heap to get  training & nutrition advice to get you on the right track for your fitness goals. Optimum Nutrition are offering a VERY limited number of one on one sessions with their top experts

Lilly Sabri


Lilly Sabri is a Chartered Physiotherapist, and founder of Lilly Sabri Pilates & Physio. Former Chartered Physio for the Chelsea and Watford football clubs, she is now a social media fitness success and famous for her heated room high intensity #LeanWithLilly workouts. She founded this method using her background qualification in APPI Pilates, which aims to achieve a lean and toned feminine look for women of all ages, sizes and fitness levels. Normally in a heated room to enhance calorie burning, Lean With LillyHOT HIIT sessions are one hour long using a mat, body weight and free weights and focusses on fat-burning and toning the whole body.

Shaun Stafford


Shaun Stafford is a 2-time WBFF World Champion Fitness Model, as well as an international cover model and fitness writer. He studied at Oxford University, where he also played Varsity Rugby. Shaun owns City Athletic Gym (www.cityathletic.co.uk) in central London and has modelled for brands such as Nike, EA Sports and Lululemon. He is also a published fitness writer, model and columnist featuring in publications such as The Evening Standard, Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness. 

Dom Heap


Book some time with ON athlete Dom Heap to get the low-down on how to achieve your #TrueStrength this year.

Dom has been a sponsored athlete with Optimum Nutrition since 2011. He is an ex semi-professional rugby player currently pursuing a career in Bodybuilding. He is a qualified personal trainer, online coach, and bachelor of sports science. He works with a variety of clients ranging from gym beginners to professional athletes. Building muscle takes hard work, dedication, and proper nutrition to fuel the body. Size and Strength Coach Dom Heap is an experienced athlete with a solid focus on gaining in order to attain a particular physique.

Richard Tidmarsh


Richard Tidmarsh is the founder of Reach Fitness, London. Reach is the go to fitness spot for both athletes and celebrities and even England footballers. Rich has got a huge range of experience in strength training – working with everyone from UFC fighters to models. Rich is all about functional fitness employing everything from squats to pull ups in his workout. He's also a big fan of animal flow and yoga. Some of his most popular classes at Reach include Primal fuel combining HIIT, movement and Core and Primal Yoga which combines mobility, balance and recovery.