Routes Coffee: Speciality Coffee and Tea

Coffee, Travel & Friendship


Routes will be using speciality coffee from Winchesters local roasters ‘The roasting Party’.   Along with homemade Chai, Hot chocolate, Matcha & herbal tea from ‘Tippity Tea’, soft drinks from Rejuce & Jarr Kombucha as well as freshly baked pastries and cakes.

Having travelled over 30 countries with the ambition to learn more from farmers, distributors, roasters & baristas, our intention is to now share this worldwide experience and inspire others to explore the diverse coffee industry during its third wave.

On our travels we were lucky enough to spend time with world barista champions, latte art professionals, skilful engineers, business owners and experienced Q graders from all across the globe. These influences have made our knowledge well-rounded and in-depth, enabling us to fine-tune our espresso blend for milk beverages and hand-pick seasonal single origins.

The herbal teas, honey-soaked chai and Japanese Matcha are all added extras which we have acquired a love for on our travels, welcoming us into a modern health industry which we are keen to explore further.