Vits+Kicks Cocktail bar


Vits+Kicks will be hosting the cocktail bar at LoveFit this summer. Specialising in fresh vegetable & fruit juiced cocktails with a kick…. No added sugars or sweeteners, just earths natural ingredients and alcohol shaken up into micronutrient enriched healthy hedonistic cocktails!

Vits+Kicks creations come freshly juiced, blended and shaken on the day from a selection of only mother natures finest ingredients and premium alcohol spirits, designed specifically to fuel you and your healthy hedonistic needs.

Vits+Kicks value the importance of making consistently informed healthy lifestyle choices whilst occasionally indulging in a spot of temporary healthy hedonistic escapism. If however, you're more about the ‘Vits’ and less about the ‘Kicks’ then you can quench your nutritional thirst with their healthy selection of non-alcoholic juice and smoothy mocktail combinations.