An interview with PowerWave Founder Jay Laville


Ahead of their featured studio at LoveFit, we caught up with PowerWave founder Jay Laville to find out more about the addictive HIIT workout designed to make you leaner, toner and fitter in just 20minutes per day

Tell us a bit about your journey into fitness and what inspired you?  
I've worked in fitness for just under 4 years now. I was a martial artist, my mum was always my biggest inspiration. The First lady of karate and highest graded lady in the world. She inspired me in everything I did and still does by her memories that stay with me today. 

How did you come up with the concept that is now Powerwave?
I was at a loss in life. I went to Egypt on my own to run away from my problems and thought I wasn't going to come back. In my hotel room I turned on the TV not sure what to do next, a documentary came on the television of Iranian sheep hearders and how they put them over their shoulders to be carried off for shearing. These farmers were in amazing shape. That's when PowerWave was created. The Sheeps belly which is the warmest part is the Thermo Gel. The legs are the thinnest part like the straps. And the majority of the sheeps weight is in the middle creating greater centrifugal force which we call the keystone of the bag. I got on the next flight back to the UK on a new journey, a 20 minute complete body workout with the revolutionary training device.

How many Powerwave workouts are there and what is your personal favourite? 
Currently have 57 different types of workouts with over 1700 different movement patterns to date. My favourite is 5th degree because it brings back memories of my late mum.

Any exciting projects in the pipeline? 
We are going to be releasing journey share which we are really excited about on the PowerWave Platform that will be free for everyone.

What can people expect from Powerwave at the festival?
A 20 minute intense but incredibly fun workout that will make them feel like they have just worked the whole body into a leaner, toner and fitter version. They may be sore for a few days after but that's DOMs life