Fire-N-Crust Pizza & Grill


Fire-N-Crust Pizza & Grill will be supplying authentic Pizza & delicious Grills/BBQ's from all over the world, cooked in a Traditional Wood Fired Oven at around 500°C. The Oven itself is supplied by Blistering Ovens and they are locally made in East Sussex. Using the best seasonal produce from the surrounding country side, everything is freshly made from scratch. Fire-N-Crust take our own authentic Pizza dough and then will shape it and roll it, will use our own Pizza Sauce, finish it with your choice of quality toppings and they'll cook it right there, all of these in 4 minutes from taking the order to the pizza being on the plate on your table. 

This is a street food concept and it's being run by a highly experienced chef who is ready to deliver you real street food, either it's a Pizza or a Jamaican Jerk Chicken. From wood fired pizzas, wood fired salmon and even wood fired camembert to lamb kofta and jerk chicken Fire-N-Grill will be there to replenish after a hard day of workouts and adventure.  

Gluten free and vegan/veggie options available.