Fuel your festival with Fossil Fuel

Raw Snack Bars

For those who don’t know, who are Fossil Fuel?

Fossil Fuel supports your active & healthy lifestyle by providing you with Raw Snack Bars to #FuelYourDay. Each of our bars contains 4/5 of the highest quality ingredients; such as Coconut Oil & Raw Cacao. We’ve ensured that our bars are truly healthy by adding no preservatives, additives, or added sugars, yet also indulgent with three great flavours;

-       Macadamia & Cacao

-       Coconut & Cashew

-       Coffee & Cacao

How did Fossil Fuel begin?

Fossil Fuel began back in March 2015 with a blender, a ton of different ingredients, and lots of enthusiasm. We’ve moved a long way from there now and with the brand getting re-launched in July you guys will be some of the first to see it in its new form! We can’t wait to share it with you and see what you think!

We love each of your Raw Snack Bars but what’s your personal favourite?

Personally I love the Coconut & Cashew … despite hating coconuts until recently. I blame Bounty entirely for this and hope that others who had similarly harrowing experiences can also be converted!

How can Fossil Fuel help a LoveFit goer?

We could tell you about how the combination of natural ingredients will help give you sustained energy and replenish your glycogen stores after a workout … but … it’s a bit boring and you guys already know that!

So here’s our little secret (that we probably aren’t allowed to shout about); Fossil Fuel Bars are great for a hangover. We encourage and partake in late nights with one too many drinks but realise the need to return to normality in the morning – so don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Come find us and we’ll help you out … and then force you into a morning workout!

We’ve seen some people use your bars to add to smoothies & granolas, but what’s the most creative use of a bar?

You’re right we see some awesome bowls of porridge, granola, and smoothies but the most abstract usage would have to be a Coconut & Cashew Bar in a Thai Green Curry! Unfortunately we didn’t get to taste it but we were reliably informed that it tasted great. I don’t know if anybody could top this but if you’re planning on doing so please do let us know, we’d love to see it (and quite possibly taste it too)!

What’s the top three items on your LoveFit packing list?

  • Sun-cream
  • Rehydration tablets
  • After-sun

A quote to live by?

“Fuel The Day, Live The Night”

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