Healing Workshops with Kalie


Kalie is an intuitive Sound Therapist and healing practitioner who loves guiding others on their spiritual pathway. With a background in complementary therapies and a passion for improving health and wellbeing, she uses her workshops and classes to inspire positive change. 

Kalie offers a range of therapies such as crystal healing, sound healing and Reiki alongside other practices such as animal healing, animal communication and psychic readings. Her monthly sound baths are a place of healing and escapism from the modern world.  

Find out more by visiting www.diaryofapsychic.com

What to expect

Self-development & Sound

An introduction to your spiritual self, connecting the body and mind, finding focus from within. We'll be setting goals and creating space to work on positive intentions with inspiring activities, affirmations and a mini meditation with sound. 

Rise n Shine with Kalie

Begin your day with mindful meditation and a shamanic drumming journey, mentally preparing to push yourself beyond your own personal best. 

Sound Bath Ceremony

After all your hard work join us to experience the ultimate form of relaxation where we'll be winding down from a jam-packed weekend with a range of soothing sounds to ease those aching muscles. Simply close your eyes and relax!