Jordan Fitness


“Fitness is Not a Destination, It’s a Way of Life.” 

Whoever said it, was spot on. It’s so much more than a few sessions in the gym to tick those boxes. It’s a journey, an experience, it really is a way of life. 

Jordan Fitness have been living and breathing functional fitness for nearly 30 years now. Many trends and fads have come and gone, some have even been revived. Jordan have continued to expand their reach across the globe, as quality, functionality and style are always at the forefront of their design. It’s quite rare now to have unique registered designs coming out of the UK so hats off to them for continuing to play such a great role in UK fitness enterprise.  

You might be using their dumbbells, sandbags, functional rigs & battle ropes in your gym or barbells & kettlebells as part of your studio workouts. If you’re using their Olympic weightlifting gear, you’ll know the standards they set for durability.

If you’re a personal trainer or gym instructor then their Instructor training courses will be right up your street. Offering your classic indoor cycling, kettlebell and functional rig training courses through to specialist instructor training to become a qualified MMA Fitness, PowerWave and Pink Belt Kickboxing instructor. With courses held in London, Cardiff, Birmingham and their HQ in King’s Lynn, Norfolk you can be sure to get all you need to add more exciting offerings to your clients.

They’ve kindly loaned some of their awesome equipment to use throughout the festival so we hope you enjoy your workouts.

On the grapevine, we hear they’ll be giving out special discount codes at the festival on the Friday and Saturday – so be sure to head on down to their tent to get yours. Their rehab range might be just what you need after the intense 3 days of fitness celebrations we have in store for you.

Visit their website to have a mooch of their fitness product range.