Strongman sessions, Bootcamps & OCR prep with BaseFit Shoreditch

BaseFit, the only dedicated outdoor fitness venue in East London are coming to LoveFit!




A functional based full body workout with a focus on getting strong and lean!

Muddy race prep

Love obstacle course races? This class will get you fit and ready fast. Mud not included


Move odd objects such as kegs, tyres and sledgehammers with our own unique strongman class. Chalk and grunting is optional!

Meet The Team

  Niamh Coghlan

Niamh Coghlan

  Carly Keen

Carly Keen

  Andy Milne (The Gaff  )

Andy Milne (The Gaff)

Niamh Coghlan

An Irish mad women who spent her youth doing Circus Arts and Gymnastics, she hopes to add a dash of happiness to everyone she encounters each day! Niamh’s focus is to educate women across the world on the benefits of lifting and what it feels like to feel confident!

Niamh has spent many years teaching across the world in all forms of fitness, from boxing, to HIIT, to TRX Masterclasses and lifting techniques. She has taken learnings from every place she has been and every form of fitness she has encountered to create her own unforgettable sweat fest experience when she teaches. You'll never leave her class dry or without a smile!

Instagram: Firecracker_Fitness_
Snapchat:  NiamhCoghlan

Carla Keen

My background is in Diagnostic Radiography. Having graduated with a BSc (Hons) I have specialised in sport injuries and rehab, working in various hospitals including Leeds General Infirmary and Guys and St Thomas Hospital and I currently work in a private hospital in Harley Street.

I have been in the health and fitness industry for 6 years and have a keen interest in nutrition, high intensity training, Obstacle course racing, Calisthenics and Yoga. I practice Hatha, Asthanga and flow yoga all over the world including Virginia Beach, Ibiza and at home in Ireland. I am currently in training for a Spartan OCR in September 2017 and Ironman next year. I have also practised Muay Thai and White collar boxing for a number of years and I integrate skills from that in to my coaching. I coach classes at BaseFit - Shoreditch.

Andy Milne (The Gaff)

I have been working in the fitness industry since leaving school 24 years ago, holding a variety of positions in all sectors including 4 years as a fitness manager, overall 10 years on the fitness floor, 3 years with my own PT company, 1 year as H&F editor for a national magazine, consultant for SHE magazine and Holland and Barrett to name a few.

Since moving on from coaching I moved into fitness equipment sales and consultation and had a successful 14 years in senior sales, designing gyms, consulting and kitting out fitness facilities across the country.

Come 2014 I saw a gap in the market for a dedicated outdoor fitness concept and went about putting BaseFit together. Since opening on March 1st 2015 we have had over 2 years great success including training many celebrities, hosting training for the Tongan Int team and most importantly helping our awesome members smash their life goals.

"Being part of LoveFit Festival shows how a dream come reality really can create opportunities and open doors. We are proud to support New ventures and LoveFit Festival will become something amazing and industry leading"