Drinking at Lovefit

There are so many ways to offset the effects of alcohol and avoid a hangover, including having a big dinner before drinking, eating in between drinks, sticking to one type of alcohol and choosing light alcohol over dark. However, the best thing to do before, during and after drinking is to stay hydrated. Drinking water before and after consuming alcohol can prevent symptoms such as nausea, sensitivity to light, headaches, muscle aches, diarrhea and dizziness. Staying hydrated at all stages of alcohol consumption has huge benefits.


Obviously if you’re going to a music festival you’re going to want to have a drink or two or three or twelve. I mean, let’s be real here, there’s nothing like having a little buzz while you shake your booty, so if you're going to drink, balancing alcohol with a 2:1 ratio to water is generally a good rule to follow. Sure you’ll pee a lot, that’s definitely gonna happen. But what won’t happen? Getting too drunk. Getting hungover. Feeling lousy. Acting lousy…

The festival has numerous water filling stations where you can get you fix of fresh, filtered and chilled water all the live-long day. You better take advantage of it! But even if you're far from a refill station, they'll be plenty of freebie bottles to keep the flow going.


It is important to hydrate whether you are drinking or not. However, drinking before you booze will strengthen your muscles, flush out other toxins and bacteria and help circulate nutrients in your body. If you already drink the recommended eight cups of water every day, consider drinking a few more if you know you are going to be drinking later.

Pre-game:  Typically everyone pre-games by chugging their beers and wine coolers before entering the festival. However, chugging a beautiful green juice, can still provide you with the same buzz. By flooding your body with oh-so-many nutrients before flooding it with an oh-so-moderate-amount of alcohol, you are increasing your chances of avoiding a hangover across the weekend.

Mid-game: Alcohol strips water from your body, so it's time to implement the water ratio and alternate between an alcoholic drink and a glass of water. You can also cut your drinks with water, making them less potent and reducing your chances of a hangover.

Post-game: After a night of drinking, consume several cups of water before going to bed. This will provide your body with essential fluids that have been taken from it by the alcohol and prevent it from stealing water from your brain (which causes headaches). You can even add in a sports drink to replace essential electrolytes.

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Lauren Bath