Surviving food at LoveFit


Exercise in the morning. Exercise boosts the good-mood hormones, movement makes you happy and feeling strong makes you feel powerful and sexy, like you can conquer some crowd-surfing if need be.


Make sure to have a huge, hearty, plant-y and protein-y breakfast every morning. Maybe even TWO breakfasts. You can't go wrong by adding a plant and protein-rich smoothie (we have all the healthy and nutritious food your heart could desire ready and waiting). Make sure you have a lot of high-quality goodness in you to last a while, this should give you all the energy you need to get through the morning classes and provide you with all the energy you need to survive  the weekend. Coming in contact with so many people, taxing your body with the booze and hot sun, draining your energy with the dancing and working out…why not just give your body a little bit of an extra OOMPH to continue working its best?


Get an idea of what you're working with, check out all the food spots when you arrive and make a mental list of the places and locations from which you would like to eat. The good news? Everything at the festival has been tailored to a healthier lifestyle - even the alcohol is less processed and healthier (we didn't say healthy) than most. 


After the long day, make sure to get some nutrients in your belly. This will increase your chances of a great night’s sleep and replenish energy levels for the next morning.


Nothing and I mean NOTHING, will cure that morning hangover like that final bottle of water before you sleep. This will replenish some of the water you lost dancing (and maybe drinking), whilst detoxing the body. 

Going to anything super fun like a music festival or a party is obviously going to make it challenging (or impossible) to stick to a strict health-nut diet. But food is just one factor in your overall health. Being happy and calm and relaxed is a huge factor, too. So it’s crucial to go to these events and loosen up a bit, enjoy the moment, do your best and “forget the rest!”


The good news - you won't have to sacrifice your healthy eating habits at the festival, every vendor has been hand picked for it's tasty and nutritious value. 

Lauren Bath