Ask LoveFit: A day at the beach

Lauren with Eli the LoveFit ambassador

We headed to the coast with our founder Lauren and Eli (the dog) to answer some of your questions

Hi Lauren, what time do I have to wake up?
Whenever you want, there’s no strict “regime” at LoveFit, we’ve tried to make it as flexible as possible so everyone can have a good time. Not everyone wants to get up at the break of the dawn to an intense run, some of the LoveFit tribe are more chilled. There’s also the option to lay in till lunch, but you’ll be missing out on loads of fun and your tent will be baking!

My friend isn’t a fitness freak like me, is there stuff for them to do too?
Yeah plenty of stuff, the whole ethos of LoveFit is to be a brilliant music festival as well as a fitness festival. In the daytime you could spend a couple of hours at the spa, listen to brilliant new music at the main-stage, go swimming in the lake or even take your chances on the slip n slide. Plus, we’re here to introduce people into a healthier, fitter way of life — it’s not just for elite athletes!

Eli, wolf ambassador of LoveFit 2017

Eli, wolf ambassador of LoveFit 2017

What activities are you most excited for?
Well… The music line-up is going to be amazing and I can’t wait to release that. On the fitness side I have always been a very functional trainer, and can’t wait for some of the more creative studios to open my eyes a little. It’s going to be a great learning experience for everyone to explore new avenues in their workouts. I’m especially excited to see how hot the Fierce Grace tent is going to get… everyone will be off to the lake after that!!!

The fitness line-up is looking great, what else is coming up?
We’ll be releasing more fitness activities in the lead up to the festival, and of course the long awaited music will be announced very soon. We are finalising contracts with some great names that you will definitely know and love.

Finally, give us your tips for a great spring workout
The sun’s coming out, so freshen up your workout wardrobe — buying a new outfit is great for motivation! Delete your old playlist and start from scratch. Re-review your fitness goals. Oh and of course, get in shape for LoveFit!!!