Q + A with Matt Miller from Broga

We talk to Matt Miller, aka the Pillar, former American football star and super heavyweight body building champion, now yoga-loving ambassador.

How was Broga started?

Once Matt was asked to be the first male ambassador for Lululemon in the EU, he decided he needed to start actually doing yoga on a weekly basis. His muscles were desperate for the kind of opening and stretching that yoga would provide.  He began training with some of the other world class yogis (he was in fact the only NON-yogi!) and they helped him with his yoga practice. Matt loved the idea of creating a practice that focused around his own non-yogi, athlete body so much that he began his journey to become a licensed yoga teacher and started work on sequences he felt would be gradual yet challenging. That’s how Broga was born.

Men need a form of yoga that they don’t feel intimidated by from the start, but at the same time they need to feel challenged by it
— Matt Miller

It’s definitely grounded in traditional asanas but the difference between Matt's classes and traditional styles of yoga is that Broga doesn’t immediately assume men are already flexible and open in these areas, it opens them gradually to that possibility. "I prefer to have participants building up to postures, doing prep work repetitively and correctly, than to have them attempt something the wrong way," he said. "It is so much better when they didn't even realise it was preparation and suddenly behold, a properly aligned warrior three."

Broga can also help athletic performance by reducing incidence of injury caused by over tension in the muscles and connective tissues. Matt says they use a mind-body connection to teach athletes to be more aware and in control of their physical body. "In effect, we’re teaching how to enter into that elusive zone reached in sport." he said "There are such strong similarities to being in an athletic zone and a meditative yogic state."

Broga was designed for the male athlete, but it's also a killer workout for women. "I love women in a Broga class, they are usually a specific type of women: accomplished and comfortable yoginis looking for a strength-building and toning workout," said Matt. "Women have the flexibility that guys lack, but the physical power aspect of Broga challenges them - I am often cursed at later for inflicting two to three days of delayed onset muscle soreness."

So come armed with a towel, some water and an open mind to explore your body in a different way than your other strength training. "You will feel like you lived, and you made it through, and it was worth it."

Matts LoveFit packing list:


Don't get caught out and plan for every kind of weather! That means bathing suit sunscreen sunnies and flip flops and definitely wellies a chunky sweater and a voluminous waterproof coat with a hood!


  • A case of your own water
  • And a small protein snack like Protein Bounce balls for a quick post class snack are easy to have around in a pocket.  


  • Your own smartphone quick charge battery pack that will give you 5 charges like Anker or Zendure.
  • Always bring Baby wipes with you to the toilets- you never know what you might find !
  • Ibuprofen for the morning after so you can still hot the classes you were planning on even though you had three nights sleep.
  • Earplugs in case there is an all night rave in the campsite next to you.

Matt "the Pillar" Miller is the founder of Broga, and you can catch him at LoveFit 2018. Find out more about him at www.broga.uk.com or www.millerthepillar.com

Lauren Bath