TakeTheHIIT vs SweatItOut with Sarah & Nicky

The workout;

A fun filled full body HIIT workout guaranteed to make you sweat, laugh and get that all important muscle burn simultaneously. Expect boxing, strength and cardio training accompanied by some banging tunes that will keep the party alive and gear you up for the night ahead.

Fun Factor: an integrated ‘beat the trainer’ challenge!

Meet the trainers

Sarah: Master Trainer Sarah Adarkwa knows what it takes to get a crowd going, having taught classes at many of London’s best boutique studios. She pride’s herself on delivering hardcore workouts that are full of energy and have a banging playlist to keep the motivation to a max. Can you TakeTheHIIT??

Claim to fame: Training super model Cara Delevingne

NickyMaster Trainer and group exercise specialist Nicky Lopez has managed and taught at various boutique studios. He is known for his one liners and you might hear him shout “sweating is your fat crying” as you tackle one of his gruelling cardio circuits. He believes in fitness for purpose so what better purpose than to help you SweatItOut!!

Claim to fame: Putting Andre 3000 of Outkast through his paces

Lauren Bath