HOTSHOT with Esmee Gummer

An electrifying full body workout combining banging beats and high energy movement. This class has everyone working at their own individual pace with the opportunity to cruise along or go FULL OUT. Girls, get ready to swing your pony and guys, get ready to run likes Esmée's behind you. All 5 foot of her.

Esmée is one of London’s top instructors who comes from a wealth of industrial and personal experience in the fitness industry. Not only having fitness credentials such as 'GQ Star Trainer" she also defied all odds and learned to walk again after becoming paralysed from an operation. Through this personal experience, Esmée learned the power of being head strong and uses this everyday to train, motivate and inspires individuals. This experience also taught her to not take life too seriously which reflects in her sessions. You will leave the class laughing, crying, sweating and even calling yourself a BOSS.. self confidence at its finest! 


Lauren Bath