KIN Smoothies

Founded in 2015 by husband and wife, Kyle and Kelly Maslen, KIN specialise is natural vegan and whey protein powders and supplements, and luxury Ibiza retreats.

 Our mission is to enable people to live happier and more balanced lives. Through travel and nutrition developed by a professional team of trainers, nutritionists, and therapists, we have created a wonderfully unique community of health-oriented individuals.

Community is a huge component of KIN. Happiness, determination, and balance are at the heart of everything we do and we’ve found that maintaining a happy community of like-minded individuals is the best way to empowerment. We like to empower our KIN family through pop-up events, retreats, and online and personal support.
— Kelly & Kyle

Tell us about KIN and what inspired you both to start the brand? 

KIN Nutrition was created out of need. The need for a natural, simple, and effective product. Our protein powders were developed through rigorous testing and feedback from 50 of Kyle's clients, which allowed us craft a product with real people in mind. This process was key to creating a protein powder that both tastes delicious and is made from only the finest ingredients.

We worked backwards to eliminate unnecessary ingredients by removing what the body doesn't need. This left us with six core ingredients that we believe are vital for the body.


We wholeheartedly believe that taste and texture are just as important as ingredients. We aim to develop products with flavours that people genuinely enjoy to avoid that artificial and chalky taste many other protein powders have. Through careful testing using real people, we eventually found a winning combination of natural tasting protein powder with a smooth and silky texture.

Our ingredients are 100% natural and kind to your body. Each has been chosen with a specific function in mind to make you feel your best. Our tubs are 100% recyclable, we are on a mission to reduce single use plastic, our refill packs were the first step.

Our customers can now keep their tubs and continually refill them up with new pouches when they run out of protein. The tub is robust and reusable with a screw top lid to maintain freshness and prolong the life of your protein. The iconic design is also made from BPA free plastic surrounded by cardboard. This means that the contents are always protected from direct sunlight, which can be harmful depending on how you store your tubs or if you purchase one from a shop window. This is an essential feature as a reaction between plastic and sunlight releases chemicals that are harmful and can poison your protein.

Refill packs are more economical and more affordable than tubs, allowing our customers to save money and the world at the same time! 

We are extending our commitment to protecting the environment further than just plastic. We plan to implement various eco-friendly practices across our whole supply chain by reducing air miles and oil usage used during transportation and sourcing our ingredients and packaging in ways that positively impact the environment.

We have partnered with a low emission courier and we now offer next day delivery, meaning less time spent on the road! Moreover, we source all our ingredients from sustainable European suppliers and 100% of KIN protein is manufactured in the UK.

Tell us about your journeys into fitness?  

Kyle has over 10 years’ experience as a personal trainer and coach in London, Kelly, having a corporate background retrained as a yoga teacher in 2015, between us we have more than 20 years of combined experience in fitness, yoga & nutrition.  Our different specialities work well together and has created a dynamic 'Yin and Yang' connection at KIN.

What 3 words describe KIN? 

Honest, pioneering and trustworthy

What other exciting projects have you got coming up in 2018? 

KIN retreats have partnered with global music brand, Ministry of Sound for to kick off our 2018 retreat season for Ibiza closing week, 29 Sep – 6 Oct. The week is perfectly balanced with all the luxuries of a KIN Signature retreat, a work hard, play hard ethos to smash goals and celebrate wins throughout the week, with Ministry of Sound closing parties to enjoy and celebrate with our Fit Fam.

What are you most looking forward to at the festival?

The energy and positive vibes created by Love Fit festival guests is incredible, and we cant wait to meet the Love Fit fam!


Lauren Bath