Dog House Fitness in the Forest

A brand new Boutique Fitness Studio bringing South West London a hit of SPIN, BOX and VEGAN excitement.

From Balham to brush, Dog House Fitness will be bringing their incredible set-up to LoveFit. 

Be prepared to sweat out your sins with some of London’s best Instructors and leave the forest feeling brand new. We took 5 minutes to sit down with their very own Danni Everdell to find out more about how she ended up with team Dog  House.... 

Tell us a bit about your journey into fitness and what inspired you?   

I’ve always been a very active person, I workout and train everyday and used to play a lot of sport… but I got injured and decided to do a personal training course and then slowly was introduced to the fitness industry and started my Spin journey teaching at Psycle London which created my love for Spin. I travel a lot with work which has been amazing to experience so many different ways of training and environments that I enjoy.

Describe your workout style?

I’m a Creative person and very energetic when I get going so I like to try and do things that are a little bit different and adventurous. I LOVE outdoor workouts in the sun and coming from a dance background, I incorporate a lot of this into the movements and my classes. Music plays a massive part too.

What will Dog House be bringing to LoveFit 2018?  

We are very much a family and community based studio, we try and keep the vibe as relaxed and friendly as possible where we can relate to one another and the people we teach. BUT we still have a lot of energy to give and when you’re in the DOG HOUSE you’re there for a reason, so we will not be going easy on anyone, everyone will definitely be put through their paces with amazing music and full out combos. 

What are you most looking forward to at the festival?  

Meeting so many different people, seeing what else is going on in the fitness industry, enjoying teaching outside (in the SUN hopefully) and being surrounded by great music.

Lauren Bath