KettleBoobs are coming to town!

We’re hyped to let you know that KettleBoobs are coming to LF19. We spoke to co-founders Danni and Jolene about how it all started and why we all need a KettleBoob!


So, what exactly are KettleBoobs?

KettleBoobs are custom designed kettlebells made to look stylish whilst working out. Alternatively, put your feet up and stare lovingly across the room at your new beautiful ornament, or in our opinion, art-piece. 

Who is behind KettleBoobs

KettleBoobs is owned by Danni Tabor and Jolene McAnuff. Two friends with very different lives — Jolene is mum, Danni is coach, but they share the same ethos: Wanting to live a lifestyle that suits their values — being happy and content with not being perfect.

Tell us a bit about your journey and what inspired you both to start KettleBoobs?  

One half of us is a mum, whose boys were about to begin school and nursery, and wanted to start a business, and also use her spare time as me time to stay healthy/fit/well. The other half of us is a wellbeing coach who creates content online encouraging women to get comfy in their skin and to look to at training differently — not as a chore but as time for them. To be grateful for the ability to be able to move and workout.  

I had been looking for kettlebells that looked nice on camera as well as around the home — I just couldn't find the perfect product. Jolene was also looking for a business idea where she could be creative. One night over dinner, the idea came together and KettleBoobs was born. 

Why train with KettleBoobs

Our approach to training is as much about the permission to take rest days and enjoy a glass of wine on a Friday night, as it is about the exercise itself. The idea that the KettleBoobs look great in your lounge when you are choosing not to work out, is our way of saying "don’t take it all so seriously". You workout because you want to. And when you don’t, well that's OK too. Our boobs represent being imperfectly perfect. 

One of a kind, unique — no two are the same. Just like our actual boobs. 

What is your life mantra 

Accept yourself 100% for who you are because there is no one else out there like you. Be grateful for all the things: for our bodies, our choices, our imperfections. The moment we are grateful for who we are, realise our worth and nourish and love ourselves like we do our fave people, then we find balance. We find contentment and we find joy in swinging our boobs about as much as we find joy in eating a burger and fries with those same fave people.  

Get your own KettleBoob here

Lauren Bath