Healthy Hedonism

Vits+Kicks deliver the ultimate healthy hedonistic drinks experience with a range of nutritious juice & smoothie blends, superfood enriched protein smoothie shakes, and a cheeky signature selection of fresh fruit & vegetable juiced cocktails with a kick... Alcohol!


Vits + Kicks founder Matt, has revealed a couple of his cocktail-making secrets in these easy to follow recipes. Vits+Kicks juice combinations are put through a 'Centrifugal juicer' so dig out your Nutribullet and get juicing!

Nutty Russian

Vodka - Large (or healthy measure)
Beanbag Peanut Butter Coldbrew Coffee - 50ml
Almond Milk - 100ml

Avo C'olada

Gold Rum - Large
Coconut milk - 100ml
Avocado - 1 x chunk, Banana - Half, Pineapple - 1 x chunk

Passion Kick

Gold Rum - Large 
Pineapple & chili juice - 150ml
Passion fruit - 1 x spoon

Vits o' Clock

Vodka or Gin - Large 
Pineapple & Apple juice - 150ml
Spinach + Cucumber (to preference)

With no added sugars or sweeteners and mixed using only earth’s natural ingredients, creating memorable drinks that just happen to packed full of the good stuff… And occasionally the naughty stuff!
— Matt - Founder of Vits + Kicks
Lauren Bath