Get to know GymBox

This year we are super hyped to be working closely with the world renowned GymBox — who will be bringing their creative flair to the forest with a twist. We can’t let you in our little secret yet, but we guarantee you will love it (unless you hate having loads of fun!).

They are known for their iconic gyms, drowned in low-lit neon, providing an endorphin raising blend of gym cross nightclub, keeping you pumped late into the night. We asked Gabriela, Studio Creative & Events legend, to explore what GymBox stands for, and what you can expect from them at LoveFit 2019.


We know GymBox is unique, we’ve experienced it first-hand, but it’s hard to put a finger on. What’s the recipe that makes GymBox work? Or is it a secret?!

Hah well I wouldn’t say it’s much of a secret, we’re as loud as they come!  We pride ourselves on being the “Antidote to Boring Gyms”. It all starts once you set foot into one of our clubs – and you need to see it to believe it. Apple was born in a garage, we were born in a car park in the heart of the West End. We replaced cars, bikes and vans with nightly resident DJs, neon lights and dancers.

We are home to the most unique and diverse classes in London, with an extensive timetable of up to 108 unique classes a week across 8 categories that will always keep you on your toes. Olympic sized boxing rings, combat cages, world-class free weights sections, live DJs and larger-than-life personal trainers.

Describe the archetypal GymBox goer.

Our motto is ‘Anything Goes’. And you can see this in our members. If you take a stroll through some of our clubs, you’ll easily be blown away by the amount of talent we have under one roof. You can be anyone you want to be. Any shape you happen to be. And be a man, woman or completely undecided. We don't care. If you are serious about working out and having a laugh we are happy to accommodate. There are no disapproving glances, rolled eyeballs, tutts, sighs or potted palms round our place! Just pure, unadulterated serious fun.

It’s quite special to find and I believe we’ve successfully hit that sweet spot. In my years with members I’ve seen members start off as complete beginners to progress into doing 3-4 classes a day. They’re hooked on feeling good and pushing themselves out of their comfort zone. As we like to say… walk in, crawl out.

What can LoveFitters expect from GymBox at the festival? No spoilers!

Well without giving too much away, we’re preparing something really special for Lovefit 2019 by taking the quirky and contagious energy you can find inside Gymbox out into the forest. As always, the sky is the limit! So, my only advice is to hold onto your socks…!

Find GymBox at LoveFit 2019 or find out more here.

Lauren Bath