Introducing Blomma Beauty

We are so excited to welcome Blomma Beauty to the Sanctuary. They have curated the best natural and organic skincare, cosmetic and personal care products. These products have been carefully selected based on their ingredients, efficacy and environmental impact. At the festival, you will be able to try new products, meet the people behind the brands and get pampered with clean beauty treatments. We sat down with founder Karen MacDonald to find out more about the brand and what you can expect at the festival.


Tell us about Blomma Beauty. What was your inspiration behind the brand?

I started Blomma Beauty after having worked as a skincare buyer for a big retailer. I was trying so many different products on my skin which were making it lazy, dull and tired looking. I looked more deeply at the ingredients and decided to make the switch to a completely natural regime as I was worried about some of the chemicals I was exposing myself to. In doing so I found it really hard to find enough product choice. There are plenty of great natural and organic brands out there but accessing them is hard because very few are stocked in conventional beauty stores. Some are in health food shops but only a small range and staff weren’t particularly able to advise on purchases. There are some big websites but I found it pretty wasteful to trial and error these products as the information on the ingredients and efficacy of the products weren’t great. So Blomma Beauty come to be because I wanted others to have access to a selection of brands but only where the products had been tried, tested and vetted for their ingredients and efficacy and we could share our product and ingredient knowledge to help others make informed decisions about what’s going on their skin. We now work with over 15 brands and showcase their products at different events in and around London.

The name Blomma means ‘to bloom’ in Swedish. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Sweden and have always been inspired by the country’s approach to nature and lifestyle. In naming the brand we wanted to reflect the values of nature and minimalism in not needing endless different products for your skin to thrive as well as being ethical and sustainable when it comes to animal testing and not being too wasteful both with our products and the packaging they’re sold in. Essentially, this all rolls up into helping people feel beautiful without having to compromise on their values.


Why is organic beauty so important?

In leading a healthy lifestyle, what you put on your skin is just as important as how you keep your body functioning well with exercise and eating healthily. Our skin is our biggest organ and it processes and absorbs a great deal on a daily basis, from UV rays, to pollution as well as everything we slather on top of it. By choosing products that have been formulated with the best that nature can provide, without the use of pesticides or added chemical ingredients you are choosing to nourish your skin as you would your body with a healthy and nutritious diet.


Tell us about some of your favourite products?  

We are bringing a carefully selected range of products to Lovefit that we think everyone will love! Our particular favourites for helping recover after the weekends’ activities are soapNskin’s Neroli and Patchouli Skin Soak which is great for tired, aching muscles and Magic Organic Apothecary’s Green Balm is an amazing multipurpose product for dry sore patches, great if you’ve been lifting kettlebells or heavy weights, or even as a daily moisturiser. If you’re looking more for pampering and self care, we adore 16 Kings’ toxin free Coco Love shade of varnish which will be available in our mini manicures and AD Skin Synergy’s nightly facial oil which we’re using to finish off our mini facials and will leave your skin looking truly glowing. In a nuthsell, there are just too many to choose from!


What can LoveFitters expect from Blomma Beauty at the festival?

A little slice of beauty heaven under canvas!  Inside you’ll find pampering facials and mini manicures so you can take time out of the back to back classes to relax and unwind. You’ll also get a warm welcome from some hugely passionate people ready to help you sample some truly gorgeous beauty products and learn more about the benefits of a clean beauty regime!

Lauren Bath