Farm Fitness

Farm Fitness has quickly become a ferociously burning beacon on the UK fitness scene, attracting spectators and participants from all over the country to come and take a swing at its almost alchemic blend of modified strongman, functional bodybuilding, calisthenics and blistering cardio efforts; all precisely programmed to be accessible to all fitness levels - test out their workouts this summer as they bring Farm Fitness to LoveFit this summer. 

The Workouts

Our BUILD sessions combine compound lifts, modified strongman and non-traditional movements with field tested rep schemes and rest periods. This class is scalable and accessible for all levels of fitness, however a reasonable level of strength is recommended.

Turn your body into a calorie burning furnace, build mental toughness and torch body fat with our metabolically demanding workouts. You’ll have a blast of fun in the process. Adaptable to all levels of fitness.

Working in small teams to battle through multiple blocks incorporating; dynamic strength, static holds, and measurable explosive cardio efforts to boost fitness levels, torch calories and build functional strength across the board.

Lauren Bath