Mark Sargeant & Tetley introduce smocktails

Tetley has teamed up with leading chef Mark Sargeant to develop a range of ‘smocktails’ set to super charge you and we've got our hands on the recipes...

Using a range of Super Fruits, Super Green Teas and the NEW Tetley Super Squash the smocktails not only hit the flavour mark but also contain Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin D*, to help maintain healthy bones and teeth, reduce tiredness and support your immune systems.

Mark Sargeant comments: “These smocktails are perfect for those looking for a little lift. Using elements from cocktail classics, we’ve developed smart alternatives to show you there is no need to compromise if you’re cutting out down on alcohol. The smocktails are fun, taste delicious and have added functional benefits to boot making them a little more super than your average mocktail! It’s been brilliant working with Tetley’s new Super tea and squash range! “

The Smocktails are available at Mark Sargeant’s Rocksalt in Folkstone, The Wife of Bath in Wye, Kent and The Duke William in Ickham, Kent. For those that prefer to stay in rather than go out, Mark has revealed his smocktail-making secrets in these easy to follow recipes. Go on, give it a go! 


Matcha Made in heaven detox mojito

  • Glass – Tennessee Jam Jar
  • 100ml cold Tetley Super Green Tea Detox: Mint 
  • 10ml lime juice
  • 25ml honey
  • handful of crushed ice
  • 6 limes wedges
  • 4 sprigs mint


Add lime juice, lime wedges and honey to your glass. Fill the glass with crushed ice.

Brew Tetley Super Green Tea Detox: Mint with hot water and once cooled, add to glass. Stir all of the ingredients together and garnish with a wedge of lime and sprig of mint.

It may be cold outside but that won’t stop us enjoying our favourite Cuban drink. Master blenders have cleverly blended smooth mint green tea with the important mineral selenium to help protect cells from oxidative stress. Each cup contains 23% of your recommended daily amount of selenium. Served with honey, lime and mint – there’s no nasties in this little beauty.


Super Human Mai Tai

  • Glass – Filip
  • 100ml cold Tetley Super Green Tea Immune: Tropical 
  • 25ml orange juice
  • 25ml pineapple juice
  • 25ml Tetley Super Squash Sunshine: Orange & Peach
  • ½ stick fresh lemongrass
  • Handful of ice (just for shaking)


Combine all ingredients together in a cocktail shaker, making sure that the Tetley Super Green Tea Immune: Tropical is brewed with hot water and completely cooled before doing so. Add ice to the shaker and shake, then using a cocktail strainer, double strain the liquid into the glass. Garnish with a slice of pear or lemongrass.

Flashback to the beach in Thailand and enjoy this tropical mocktail to help bring out the super in you. A refreshing mix of Super Green Tea Immune with added Vitamin C to help protect your immune system and Tetley Sunshine Super Squash Sunshine with Vitamin D to support healthy bones and teeth.


Ice Blast Winter Berry Boost

  • Glass – Gin Balloon
  • 100ml cold Tetley Super Fruit Boost Tea
  • 50ml apple juice
  • 25ml lemon juice
  • 25ml passionfruit puree
  • 25ml Tetley Super Squash Boost: Berry Burst
  • Handful of ice


Add ice to cocktail shaker and place all the ingredients together in a cocktail shaker, shake and then using a cocktail strainer, pour over the crushed ice filled glass. Garnish with raspberries and blueberries.

Feeling fruity? Try this delicious fruit smocktail, an invigorating burst of fresh fruit juices and NEW Super Squash Boost in Berry Burst flavour, enriched with Vitamin B6 to help reduce tiredness and fatigue. All that with no added sugar, it’s seriously super juice!


Tetley T-total Turbo Toddy

  • Glass – Double walled Tumbler or Irish Coffee Glass
  • 150ml Hot Tetley Super Fruits Immune: Lemon & Ginger 
  • 100ml pear juice
  • 25ml ginger beer
  • 2 slices of fresh ginger


Brew the Tetley Super Fruits Immune: Lemon & Ginger tea in a tea pot and further infuse with a slice of fresh ginger. Pour the hot tea into the glass and add the pear juice and ginger beer. Stir the liquid with the stick of ginger used in the tea pot to further infuse. Remove the ginger and then garnish with pear fan.

Warm up with this delicious hot toddy containing Tetley Super Fruits Immune: lemon and ginger flavour with a dose of Vitamin C* for added immune supporting benefits. The perfect hug in a mug, any time of day! *Contains 14.1mg Vitamin C (17.6% of Nutrient Reference Value) per 225ml serving. Enjoy at least one mug as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


Matcha Green Tea Metabolising Tonic

  • Glass – Gin Balloon
  • 35ml Tetley Super Green Tea: Matcha syrup (made in advance by boiling tea with Agave syrup until reduced).
  • Tonic water
  • Fresh lime
  • Ice – Cubed


Brew Tetley Super Green Tea in a large mug for a few minutes, and then add a spoonful of agave. Stir the liquid and then stand to cool. Pour the cooled tea syrup into an ice filled glass, squeeze a lime wedge and top with tonic. Garnish with four wheels of lime.

If you’re a fan of a good G&T, this drink is sure to scratch that itch! This Tetley tea blend includes real matcha powder with delicately steamed Sencha green tea full of natural healthy goodness. Each cup contains 17% of your recommended daily amount of manganese which has a whole host of benefits including being great for your metabolism.

 Tetley Super Teas and Super Squash are available at supermarkets nationwide. To super charge your drinks head to @TetleyUK on Twitter and Instagram or


Lauren Bath