Secret Sunrise London


Born under African skies, the global movement Secret Sunrise is coming to LoveFit. The Urban craze Secret Sunrise aims to unite the world through dance and conscious collaboration. This global family aims to get the world grooving with guided dances that celebrate the start of the day, while the rest of the festival is still fast asleep.

Get out of bed and celebrate a new day. Expect stunning views, headphones with awesome songs, and people from all walks of life connect to unleash the happiest version of themselves!

Join us in getting up and out of your comfort zone, dancing, connecting and feeling complete freedom and self expression. Combining this with wireless headphones allows us the safe space to be free as we connect with ourselves, others,  beautiful spaces, the sun, and dance without disturbing the sleepier festival goers.

Meet us at the entrance to the forest at 7:30am on Sunday for an unforgettable experience followed by a yummy breakfast in the den. 

Lauren Bath