Sanctuary Overview

Tucked away in the forest. Rejuvenate in our bubbling hot tubs with a glass of Twisted Halo or a G&T then enjoy a variety of spa treatments. 

Hot tubs



Holistic Therapies

Holistic therapies include therapies which treat the whole person - mind , body and soul. We work as complimentary therapists ie we compliment Western and Chinese medicine by encouraging the body and mind to relax. I states of relaxation the body is allowed to repair at the cellular level.


Reflexology with Retreat 4 your Feet 

In reflexology we believe that the foot maps out the whole body and all of it’s internal organs so that by pressing and manipulating pressure points we can find imbalances with systems and then try to balance them. It is a hugely calming, relaxing treatment that benefits the client. Reflexology does not claim to diagnose or cure problems, it works to help the body reach Homeostasis and equilibrium.