Pink Belt Kickboxing


Pink Belt Kickboxing is a female initiative which introduces Women & Girls to Kickboxing and Martial Arts. Open to all ages and fitness levels with no experience necessary, you can gain self confidence, learn new skills and improve your life in a friendly and fun environment. 

Students of the initiative can enrol on one of our two programmes; our Group Exercise Programme where you can find a fitness friendly class in your local area and train with other women, or, you can take yourself on a 12 week journey of empowerment and self discovery with our 1-2-1 Empowerment Programme. With this, you will have a personal Coach, where, upon competition will earn your Pink Belt. 

The Pink Belt itself is a symbol of strength, achievement and empowerment.

Each programme delivers fantastic results. They offer incredible new skills and increases self confidence ten fold. Taking more of a mental & emotional approach, linking with physical skills, we are looking at ‘integrating’ instead of ‘isolating’. By this we mean, many personal trainers will take you solely on a physical approach to changing your body whereas we look to grow your confidence from session number 1, thus revealing a warrior from within. As the sessions go, you will develop and maintain a healthy relationship with your emotions, training, diet, learning to harness the control with each strike to the pads and defend yourself in reply to said strikes.

We have extremely passionate and skilled coaches to offer you support and guidance every step of the way.

For each student who embarks on the 1-2-1 Empowerment Programme, Pink Belt Kickboxing makes a charity donation on their behalf. We actively support charity’s such as Plan UK: Because I am a girl,  and Refuge against domestic violence, however, should a student feel strongly about a different charity, we will gladly donate to their preferred charity.

To find out more on becoming a coach, a student, or about group exercise classes near you visit

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