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Be transported from the whirlwind of festival life into luxurious tranquillity. Hidden in the forest, balance yourself in wood-fired hot tubs maintained by SOAK LDN. Or rejuvenate with a range of spa, sports and holistic treatments.

More will be announced in the run up to the festival

Hot Tubs with Soak Ldn


Hot tubs

Hidden amongst the forest trees, relax in a bubbling wood-fired hot tub whilst sipping a SOAK cocktail. Experience tranquility in the day before the area transcends into live DJ’s in the evening.


Spa and treatments


Facials & Manicures with Blomma beauty

Mini eco manicure available with toxin free varnishes for £10 for a file, buff and polish.
Mini facial (£10 for 15-20 mins): Cleanse, exfoliate, massage and oil to finish
Full Facial
(£20-25 for 50 mins): Cleanse, exfoliate, massage and oil to finish plus masking and toning and length of facial massage in the full facial. 

Retail products featuring a selection of massage oils for sports recovery, salts for soaking tired muscles, some aromatherapy sprays to suit different moods (relax, revive etc)  and essential but sustainable products such as soaps, reusable make up pads, organic cotton feminine products helping you make the switch to a cleaner, greener beauty regime!


REFLEXOLOGY with Retreat 4 your FeeT

Reflexology is a therapy that treats the feet or hands. In reflexology we believe that the feet/hands map out the body and all of it’s internal organs so that by pressing and manipulating pressure points we can find imbalances with systems and then try to balance them. It is a hugely calming, relaxing treatment that benefits the client. Reflexology does not claim to diagnose or cure problems, it works to help the body reach Homeostasis and equilibrium.


Reiki Practice with panpank

Using different types of cleansing techniques from crystals through to oils and candles (the candles are handmade PANPANK candles) to heal the emotional and physical body, helping to cleanse and re-balance your chakras.

Retail products featuring handcrafting vegan friendly candles which are clean burning and allergen free. Each candle has been carefully crafted from start to finish using soy bean wax and slow burning cotton / linen wicks which are infused with vegan friendly natural oils which are CLP compliant. Each candle has been finished and sealed with vegan friendly products and have around 10-12 hour’s burn time. Eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging and reusable products creating zero or as little waste as possible.



Vitamin injections are quick and effective. They bypass the gastrointestinal system, and deliver: Vitamins & nutrients straight into your bloodstream. All with a 100% absorption rate. Most clients feel the effect of a Vitamin Injections immediately after it has been administered, and will continue to feel these effects over the following few hours. Unlike energy drinks, which only provide you with a short burst of energy, the effects of a Booster Shot can last for months.


Fire N Crust

Artisan Wood Fired Pizza’s. Need we say more… Authentic Pizza, cooked in a Traditional Wood Fired Oven at around 500°C. Made from scratch using locally sourced fresh ingredients, including veggie, vegan and gluten free options.